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Consulting Services

Your Business in Spain

We help international business set up and operate in Spain with peace of mind.


Our consulting services include:

  • Representing companies

  • Incorporating subsidiaries

  • Setting up a registered address for tax purposes

  • Financial reporting according to parent company requirements

We also boast serious expertise in Excel

We can help you develop tailored Excel tools for reporting or other purposes.


We created a very useful tool called MESP as an Excel Add-in which can be linked to the most popular accounting software in Spain, ContaPlus Sage. We have successfully implemented this tool for our international clients.

For more information, click here.

Some of our international clients are: 


Contact our Consultants to obtain more information or to request a quotation

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AM Consultores

Paseo de la Castellana, 226

28046, Madrid - Spain

Tel: +34 913 157 451

Fax: +34 733 71 90

AM Consultores, Expotar a Conaplus

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